BlocPad is a revolutionary, well-structured and community driven multichain launchpad. It stands on the pillars of absolute transparency and decentralisation in true terms.

The project BlocPad will be supported by Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Ethereum, Polkadot & Solana.

Where your IDEA meets our IDO

Supported through a huge NFT Marketplace

BlocPad levels


100,000 Bloc
25% of total pool
Allocation: Guaranteed
Staking or Locking: No required


50,000 Bloc
20% of total pool
Allocation: Guaranteed
Staking or Locking: no required


25,000 Bloc
20% of total pool
Allocation: Guaranteed
Staking or Locking : no required


10,000 Bloc
15% of total pool
Allocation: Guaranteed
Staking or Locking : No required


No token required
10% of total pool
Allocation: Social media tasks
Staking or Locking : no required

About Us

BlocPad has an objective of realising the potential of blockchain and Decentralized Launchpad while providing a unique token-economics. BlocPad believe in maximum devolution of financial control to our community members. 75% of the tokens will be in the control of the community. stakeholders which will be a revolutionary step in the direction of financial decentralisation.

Token Economics


  • 2022

    BlocPad website release
    Social media accounts creation


  • 2022

    BlocPad airdrop promotion
    BlocPad Partnerships
    BlocPad Private sale & IDO
    Bloc token listing on DEX exchanges
    BlocPad IDO platform launching on BSC


  • 2022

    Full ido platform launching on multiple blockchain
    Bloc token CEX exchange listing
    Incubate more potentials projects on BlocPad
    partnerships with big projects


  • 2022

    Beta release of BlocPad NFT marketplace
    New roadmap release


Key Features

Fully Decentralized

BlocPad has been conceptualised as a completely decentralised crypto-project launching platform. It realises the true nature of decentralisation and has a framework to uphold this characteristic.

Unique token economic

To begin with, BlocPad presents a unique token economics where 75% of the tokens will be controlled by community stakeholders and the rest will be set apart for running the project.

Community Driven

This makes BlocPad highly secured and justifies a community driven platform

Secured & Trusted project listing

The projects that are going to be listed on BlocPad will go through multiple levels of scrutiny to safeguard interests of the fund providers.

NFT marketplace

BlocPad will also open up a huge NFT Marketplace which will be one of a kind. It will allow several blockchains to aggregate at a single platform.

BlocNFT Marketplace

We are a fully Decentralised NFT Marketplace providing utmost transparency in our model. For every trader on our platform, we have designated Bloc Token Rewards. The top traders will be identified and special rewards will br given for theri active participation. Our platform has been supported by multiple blockchains. Furthermore, we allow users to stake their own NFTs and earn from staking as well.

Our Team

Omer farooq

CEO of BlocPad

Ryan Mughal

CMO BlocPad


Adviser Of BlocPad

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